If you want to live fully and die fearlessly, it is absolutely essential that you uncover your pristine mind.

~ Orgyen Chowang Rinpoche

Pristine Mind Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by Orgyen Chowang Rinpoche dedicated to helping people live fully, die fearlessly, and transform every area of their lives by offering accessible and experiential Buddhist teachings.

What is Pristine Mind

No matter how cloudy the day, you always know that behind those clouds the sky is clear and blue. Similarly, whether your mind seems chaotic, confused, or anxious, beneath that agitation is your pure, clear natural state. This is your pristine mind. When you reconnect with your pristine mind, you experience inner peace, happiness, and success in every area of your life.

Our Vision

Our vision is for everyone to experience their pristine minds, and to find unconditional happiness and fulfillment within. To accomplish this we will offer programs in the following four areas:

  • Meditation Teachings – for individuals seeking to improve the quality of their lives.
  • Buddhist Teachings & Practices – for those who wish to study and apply lessons from traditional Buddhist texts and practice manuals.
  • Teacher Training – for qualified students to carry on the authentic lineage to ensure that these teachings survive and flourish.
  • Specialized Programs – for business leaders, educators, psychologists, healthcare providers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and other professionals who would like to learn how to apply powerful methods such as meditation, mindfulness, and good heartedness to improve every area of their lives.

What We Offer

Our foundational teachings are filled with the richness and authenticity of thousands of years of spiritual experience and tradition. But the enlightened teachings that Buddha taught are not bound by culture; rather they are a psychology of the mind based on universal principles for achieving happiness, inner peace, and enlightenment. Pristine Mind Foundation is dedicated to capturing the essence of these timeless, transcendent teachings and presenting them with complete relevance and applicability to contemporary life.

Pristine Mind Meditation

Pristine Mind meditation is a Dzogchen style of meditation. It is a formless meditation that does not involve focusing on any particular object, but rather on effortlessly resting in the natural state of mind. We offer teachings and opportunities to develop experience with this powerful practice.

Our Logo


The lotus is a symbol of complete beauty and flawlessness, and represents awakening. It is also a metaphor for spiritual transformation: the lotus grows in the mud, but the lotus flower is untainted by that mud, just as our pristine mind is untainted by our mental events. These are just two of the many levels of meaning of the lotus symbol.

The lotus also represents Guru Rinpoche Padmasmbhava, whose name means “The Lotus-born” and who is the source of the Pristine Mind teachings.

Our Goal

The journey to enlightenment is not a mystery.  Even enlightenment itself is not something foreign or exotic; it is our natural state. The Pristine Mind teachings provide a clear map to that innately healthy state. Just as with any journey it is helpful to have experienced guidance along the path. The goal of Pristine Mind Foundation is to provide that guidance.



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